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How to solve slow computer performance

Computers - Tips and Tricks - Posted by : Andrea Suyoko 9:09 AM

Who would not be angry if sometimes our computer becomes very slow, you have to finish a job or you Sadang hurry to use the computer, must have been so annoying at all if we have this problem.
A slow computer is a very annoying problem, but how it can happen to your computer, and how to overcome them.
Let us try to look at several aspects that usually affect the performance of your computer, such as:
- Number of applications / programs installed on your computer.
The number of applications / software that is installed on your computer then it will make your computer slow. The number of programs installed will take disk space, but it also requires computer resources Meng extra for the execution of programs.
So should then select apliasi what you have installed on your computer ..

- The number of programs that run at startup ..
The number of applications / programs running at start up it will also make the performance of a slow computer loading, especially when we first turn on the computer.
Arrange the program what you need at startup .. I think that you should choose only the antivirus software needs to be running at startup.
You can set the program what you want to run at startup via msconfig, I click start - run - type "msconfig"
In the msconfig window you can set the program to any application that is running when the startup process.

- Management systems are a mess.
The number / system file and chaotic mess will make your computer much longer to do their job.
To cope with this file system was a mess then you should always do defragment your disk.

- There are viruses that mess up your computer.
The virus at work or even infect your computer and make a mess registry could also be your computer running very slow.
If your computer has too many viruses and have very much affect the performance of your computer, then it is best sulosi reinstall on your computer and then install a reliable antivirus and always update.
- The number of junk files
The number of junk files can make your computer's performance is slow.
Junk files in question are files that have been deleted but are still in the recycle bin, kosongkanlah always recycle bin.

Similarly, some tips and factors that make your computer slow.
Hopefully I can be useful for you ..

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